Our mission is to assist clients in enhancing their corporate value, one of their responsibilities to their capital investors, thereby contributing to our clients’ economic growth and efficient distribution of economic resources.

We consider M&A to be a highly efficient method for clients to dynamically control and optimize risk/return and continuously enhance corporate value. Our M&A service is not zero-sum. Our purpose is to enable our clients and their stakeholders to gain true benefits, and we strive to be recognized as a provider of valuable economic services.


Allied Inc.’s policy is to focus on the client’s medium to long-term scenario and select a strategic approach that efficiently accomplishes all the processes to enhance corporate value while being practical. Our approach is distinguished by the qualities listed below.

Continuous management activities generally enhance corporate value. While M&A is an important management action, it does not enhance corporate value on its own. Rather, it should be considered a strategic starting point for further actions. A minute miscalculation at this point can compound over a period of time, often to an unacceptable level. To mitigate this risk, our approach, which establishes M&A as a starting point, involves fully investigating the client’s long-term strategy and carefully determining the direction in which to proceed.
We emphasize the importance of efficiently maximizing corporate value with the minimum cost in the minimum time by tailoring our services to what the client truly needs. We also use our creativity and the full benefits of our experience to provide high value-added services.
A strategic, efficient approach is an empty argument unless it is practical and achievable. We select the optimal practical approach to overcome any impediments the client faces. These impediments are discerned and understood by establishing a long–term, trustworthy relationship with the client.


Allied Inc. is an investment banking firm independent of any major financial group. With no conflict of interest or convoluted internal procedures such as those of large investment banks, we can concentrate on enhancing the client’s corporate value and providing timely services. Allied Inc. is comprised of a small number of highly experienced professionals and has a network of outside partners with whom to coordinate in response to the client’s needs.
Both of our Representative Directors have extensive experience in investment banking at major international financial institutions, with abundant experience in cross-border M&A transactions. Allied Inc., while independent, maintains wide domestic and overseas networks and is fully able to provide effective and efficient services for cross-border transactions at quality levels equal to those of the services for domestic transactions.
Allied Inc. clearly delineates the scope of services extended to clients. We provide services exactly tailored to their needs and maintain a clear and understandable fee schedule.